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D-Connect offers a diverse range of features designed to facilitate web3 community as below.


Users will be able to register themselves on our D-Connect platform by creating a decentralized identity on the blockchain that showcases their skills, experiences, and areas of expertise.

Search and Connect

Users can search for individuals with particular skills, interests, and professions and connect with them. They can send messages and share ideas, guidance, and help through the platform.

Knowledge Sharing

Users can share their expertise and knowledge by creating posts, participating in discussion forums, writing articles, hosting events, and polls. They can also invite other users to collaborate on their posts and articles. All information and data are stored on the decentralized database and blockchain. The platform will also feature a built-in plagiarism checker to maintain the originality of the content shared on the platform.

Rating System

The D-Connect platform has a rating system that allows registered users to upvote and downvote any post, article, or collaborated threads to express their opinions and provide valuable insights to content creators and collaborators. The overall rating is calculated as the difference between upvotes and downvotes, and only the number of upvotes is shown to users. This provides an easy way to gauge the popularity of a post without being influenced by the number of downvotes it has received.

Reward Tokens

We have an exclusive utility for our Day Dreamerz and Ordinal Dreamerz NFT holders called SkillShare-to-Earn. When a verified Day Dreamerz or Ordinal Dreamerz holder creates a post, article, or collaborated thread, the ratings they receive will be automatically converted to reward tokens ($DD), which can be claimed at any time. The holder's dashboard will display statistics related to the earned reward tokens.


The claimed reward tokens ($DD) can be swapped to ETH (ERC20) once every 14 days. A timer on the D-Connect dashboard will guide users, and the holder's dashboard will display statistics related to the earned reward tokens. Users can also stake their $DD tokens to earn more rewards, and the platform will introduce liquidity mining options to provide more earning opportunities for users.